Exeter’s Mural Guide

1. “Orange Harvest”, Artists: Colleen Mitchell-Veyna, Visalia , CA & Morgan McCall, Farmersville , CA Location: SE Corner of Pine & E St. (1996). This mural features a scene of orange pickers in the 1930’s. A very common scene was that of entire families working together while the children played.

2. “Packing Ladies”, Artist: Colleen Mitchell-Veyna, CA. Location: 119 S. E St. just south of “Orange Harvest” mural (1997). This mural of the Exeter Citrus Packing House, circa 1950 illustrates ladies packing and grading oranges while the foreman, Bud Berger kept a watchful eye. The fresh fruit came in from the fields and onto the grading belts the ladies worked quickly while maintaining a friendly, family like ambiance. Can you find the hidden object? It’s a quarter!

3. “The Emperor Grape Festival”, Artist: Jon Ton, Santa Cruz, CA. Originally painted in 1997, this mural was retired in 2011. Catch a glimpse of this mural, a grape harvester, at the north end of mural 29.

4. “Cattle Drive Down Rocky Hill”, Artist: Nadi Spencer, Three Rivers CA. Location: 140 E Palm St. (1997). This mural depicts Mr. Adolph Gill guiding a herd of cattle around Rocky Hill. The Gill Cattle Company of Exeter was established in the late 1800’s and is still in operation. It was once the largest cattle ranching business in the U.S. , owning and leasing more than 6 million acres of land in 9 western states. Can you find the little boy running down Rocky Hill?

5. “Yokuts Harvest”, Artist: Ben Barker, Susanville, CA. Location: NW corner of Pine & E St. (1998). The Yokuts Harvest portrays the agrarian lifestyle of the local Yokuts Indians collecting sour berries during the spring in an oak forest near Exeter . The artistry of authentic Indian baskets is will illustrated in this mural.

6. “Poppies & Lupine”, Artist: Varian Mace, Visalia , CA. Location: 121-1/2 so. E St. (1998). This mural features the natural history and beauty of the valley. California poppies in the foreground provide rich contrast to the purple and blue lupine. This site is about 10 northeast of Exeter en-route to sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks. This scene is of the Kaweah River before it became what is now known as Kaweah Lake . Look closely to find ladybugs, humming birds and butterflies among the flowers.

7. “Mural Map”, Artist: Colleen Mitchell-Veyna, Visalia , CA. Location: 119 S. E St. This is a map of Exeter ’s murals, an ongoing mural as additional murals are completed.

8. “From Foundry to Field”, Artist: Ken Cardoza, Hillsboro , OR . Location: North wall of 125 S. F St. (1998). This mural depicts the past and present of Waterman Industries, a foundry established in Exeter in 1912. Waterman Industries designs, manufactures and ships irrigation equipment throughout the world. Hidden in this mural are a shoe, “W” and an outhouse.

9. “Leta & Hawtoy”, Artist: Ivonne Nagle, Glendale , CA . Location: 207 E. Pine St. (1998). Dressed in native costumes made by their grandparents, Leta & Hawtoy lived near Exeter and attended Exeter schools. During her first year in school where all other children were white, Leta completed two years of work in one and was among the head of her class. Try to find the child reading a book, camouflaged in the foliage of a tree.

10. “4th of July in Exeter”, Artist: Gary Kerby, Wilsall Mt. Location: E St. near the NW corner (1999). This mural honors “Lion John Schultz” for 50 years (1946-1996of extraordinary service to the people of Exeter and the surrounding communities for his leadership as chief pyrotechnician at the annual Lions Club free 4th of July fireworks. Look for the hidden boot.

11. “ Exeter food labels”, Artist: Lola Collins, Exeter , CA. Location: 221 E. Pine St. on the east wall of the Exeter True Value store (1999). Several citrus and grape labels from Exeter ’s packing houses are the focus of this mural. Can you find 3 children, a cat, and a bird in this mural?

12. “Our town, circa 1925”, Artist: James Fahnestock, Fallbrook, CA. Location: Bank Of America , 100 E. Pine St. (1999). This mural looks as if it’s a page from an old photo album. It is of Exeter ’s Pine St. about 1925. Look for George Washington and Mickey Mouse.

13. “Golden Harvest”, Artist: Claudia Fletcher, Clovis , CA. Location: 158 E. Pine St. ( 2000). This mural depicts wheat harvesting in Mehrten Valley circa 1915. The men on the harvester were from local families. Can you find the little brown horse and the green-eyed cat?

14. “The people behind the label”, Artist: Chuck Caplinger, 29 Palms, CA. Location: 251 E. Pine St. (alley way) (2000). This mural reminds us that Emperor Grapes were once of great economic importance to Exeter . It also illustrates the interdependence of two local families. Look closely to find a Californian black bear and a Dachshund.

15. “Tracks of time”, Artist: Michael Stanford, Yuri Somov & Matt Hemsworth, Cool, CA. Location: West facing wall of F Street and Pine (2001). Two era’s of the Visalia Electric Railroad in Exeter , 1915 and 1945. Can you find a monkey, Buzz Lightyear, Wizard of Oz characters, C3PO, Darth Vader and a wolf?

16. "Timber Trail", Artist: Martin Weekly, El Dorado Hills and Exeter, CA. Location: 161 No. E St. (2001). This mural painted in the impressionistic style invites the viewer into the scene with his use of light and color. The mule train and wagons transport logs to Atwell Mill, which is now a part of Sequoia National Park. Much of the lumber used for local building materials in the late 1800's came from Atwell Mill. Camouflaged in this mural are a quilt, a camera, an American flag and the name Walter Weekly, father of the artist.

17. "Passport to Paradise", Artist: Jeff Crozier, Monterey, CA. Location: west wall of 160 So. D St. (best seen from the corner of Maple & E St.) (2002). The mural depicts a monument that once spanned Hwy 65, welcoming visitors to Exeter - Gateway to Sequoia National Park. Look for a California Black Bear, a motorcycle and a bear paw.

18. "Yokohl Brand", Artist: Gary Kerby, Wilsall, MT. Location: west wall of 163 E. Pine St. (2002). This label is an example of "stone lithography", an art form using secret formulas and rare inks to create brilliantly colored lables. The unique process was very costly and totally extinct by the late 1920's. There are five hidden objects, xoxoxo, the number 34, a heart, and a cowboy boot.

19. "The Firebaugh Kids", Artist: Roger Cooke, Sandy, OR. Location: west wall of 401 E Pine St. (2002). Here some of the Firebaugh kids (children of Exeter's founder John Firebaugh) are hauling a wagon of milk from the dairy to the creamery in about 1915. The Board of Trade Building, now the Chamber of Commerce is near the center of the mural. Ther is a face in the tree.

20. "Hometown News", Artist: Gary Kerby, Wilsall, MT. Location: north wall of The Exeter Sun building at 120 No. E St. (2004). The mural depicts The Exeter Sun newsroom circa 1920's. The busy staff works to edit copy and set type for an edition of the paper. Exeterite PerryKknox is at the linotype machine, Charles Wilshire is getting the hot type ready while Katherin Borgman brings copies to Louie Franks and Watt Clausen for final corrections. Look for a cowboy boot, and a sunburst.

21. "Kiwanis Wading Pool", Artist: Glen Hill, Visalia, CA. Location: on the east wall of the Exeter Boys & Girls Club, 362 E Pine St. (2004). This shows the dedication of the wading pool in 1926 in City Park. The pool was built and dedicated to the children off Exeter and Community by the Kiwanis Club. The pool is still in use in the summertime. Look for the Native Americans and bears.

22. "Lincoln Recess Circa 1899", Artist: Bob Thompson, Bakersfield, CA. Location: The north wall of the Exeter Boys & Girls Club , 362 E. Pine St. (2006). This shows school children playing various games at recess at the old Lincoln Elementary School. Three hidden objects to search for are a skateboarder, sailboat and the initials "M.K."

23. Exeter Road Race Circa 1916 Artist: Colleen Mitchell-Veyna, Visalia, CA - Location: The north wall of TF Tire, 250 South F Street (2006).  This mural depicts race cars preparing for a road race through downtown Exeter in the early 1900's at the corner of Pine & E Streets.  Local celebrities Wes Clover and Steve Ooley, as well as members of the artists family are represented in the mural.  Look for a polar bear, numbers, a child holding a bear, all symbols from the popular "Lost" television program.

24. Protect and Serve Circa 1940's  Artist: Tom Booth - Visalia, CA Location: The south wall of the block fence of the Exeter Police Dept., 100 North C Street (2008).  The mural highlights Exeter's first motorcycle police officer, RObert "Red" Anthony.  This mural depicts life as it may have been in the late 1930's and 1940's.  Hidden objects include a reflection of Red's truck, the initals J.A. and D.M.R. and the date 11-25-40.

25. Rocky Hill Gardian Artist: Steven Ball-Springville, CA Location: Corner of Maple & E Streets on the west wall of California Temperature Controls, 200 East Maple (2008). A local mountain lion guards the entrance to a cave on Rocky Hill. Notice the images on the cave wall reminiscent of Indian petroglyphs. Look for 2 lizards and 6 flies.

26. Mineral King "In Our Back Yard" Artist: Jana Botkin-Three Rivers, CA Location: In the alley, just North of the Foothills Sun-Gazette Newspapter, 120 South E St. (2009). This breathtaking mural, with a backdrop of snow capped mountains, features the historical Mineral King area and focuses on Sawtooth, Farewell Gap and Timber Gap. Can you find the running girl, 2 coffee pots, a kerosene lantern, axe, fishing creel, ore bucket, Mickey Mouse, bear, marmot, deer and a red X (that marks the spot where the mural was first conceptualized)?

27. Freedom Fighters Artist: Colleen Mitchell-Veyna, Visalia, CA – Location: At the corner of Pine and D Street, above the Monarch Ford car lot on the South wall of the Exeter Ambulance Building. (2010) This colorful and life like mural is dedicated to all Veterans in all branches of service:  Air Force, Army Coast Guard, Marines & Navy. Look closely and you may see “Star Trek” highlights like the spaceship Enterprise, lizard man and a walkie talkie.
28. Men+Mules+Water=Power Artist: Jana Botkin, Three Rivers, CA (2010) – Mt. Whitney Power Co. built a dam on Franklin Lake, 6 miles above Mineral King in 1904. It was the first of 4 dams built in the area because of concern about water flow to the powerhouse during dry months & years. Thousands of pounds of cement, sand, rock, wood forms & construction supplies were hauled by mules to complete the project. The former Mt. Whitney Power Co. Exeter office is now the Exeter Historical Museum. Look for a tangible rock & mule shoe, a hidden pick axe, fish, 1904 & 2 heart rocks. Can you identify 6 different types of wildflowers?
29. Exeter Centennial 1911-2011 – Artist: Steven Ball, Springville, CA.(2011) To commemorate Exeter’s 100th anniversary of invorporation on March 2, 1911, this mural depicting Pine Stree circa 1911 was dedicated on March 2, 2011.

Don't miss these additional murals located inside businesses:
"Pine Steet - 1906", Artist: Nadi Spencer, Three Rivers, CA (1998). This mural depicts the small town charm and activity off downtown Exeter in 1906. Location: Carole's Restaurant at 224 No. Kaweah St.
"Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor", Artist: Chuck Harvey, Exeter, CA (2000). A nostalgic view of an ice cream parlor. Location: Pine Street Market at 537 E. Pine St.
"Hometown American Dream", Artist: Amy Ethington, Visalia, CA (2003). A view from a rural front porch of a rustic barn with an American flag painted on the side. Location: Hometown Emporium at 145 E Pine St.


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