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Includes tips and news on stories pertaining to small businesses and business leaders.

Tips for small businesses inspired by 2022 tech trends

Small businesses are important parts of communities and a key driving factor of the current economic recovery. Modern technology and workplace trends are transforming how these organizations are run, not only to increase productivity, but expand the possibilities of the future.

5 strategies for a successful hybrid workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the work lives of many, especially those working in offices. New challenges and opportunities are arising for both employees and employers in almost every industry.

5 best ways to get and stay organized for the New Year

(BPT) - Organizational skills are not taught in school, but maybe they should be. Almost everyone wishes they could be more organized, but unfortunately, just wanting it isn’t enough. Whether you’re a student or a young professional, getting organized for...

3 ways you can help local small businesses thrive

(BPT) - There are millions of small businesses in the United States owned by passionate people working hard to make their dreams a reality. Rather than buying from a big retailer the next time you need something, consider supporting the locally owned businesses around...
How farmers can plan to increase income potential

How farmers can plan to increase income potential

Post-harvest gives farmers a chance to finally sit down and take a break after a busy season. It gives them the time to track their inputs, meet with their trusted advisers, evaluate the decisions they made this year and see how those decisions ultimately affected their return on investment.

How to turn your passion for wellness and fitness into a career

How to turn your passion for wellness and fitness into a career

Health solutions and preventative wellness have never been more crucial. Today, six in 10 Americans live with at least one chronic disease, many of which can be prevented by eating well, being physically active, avoiding tobacco and alcohol, and getting regular health screenings