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Mural Tour

Exeter – A Festival of Arts” is a volunteer organization under the direction of the Exeter Chamber of Commerce dedicated to promoting the arts and tourism by providing an outdoor art gallery reflecting Exeter’s history and culture.

Exeter’s murals offer visitors opportunities to understand, enjoy, value and preserve Exeter’s historic and cultural heritage. Exeter’s historic brick building provide canvasses for our beautiful murals painted by professional artists from throughout the United States. The mural committee ensures high standards of artistic excellence.

Guided tours are available for groups of ten or more, cost is $2 per person. Please contact the Exeter Chamber of Commerce, not less than 10 days prior to your visit. Our Docents will tailor the tour to fit your time schedule and expectations within reason. The Chamber staff can also assist in making arrangements for lodging and meals. It is recommended that you allow some time in your itinerary for browsing Exeter’ unique specialty boutiques and antique shops.

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