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19535 Avenue 344, Woodlake, CA 93286



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The 7 Points facility is located at the heart of California’s Central Valley, utilizing a former citrus packing house for our main infrastructure. With a total footprint of over 100K square feet, we converted our cold storage space into high production, vegetative and flowering rooms. By making use of this former packing facility, we have an ideal space that gives us the ability to facilitate full environmental control over how our cannabis is grown and maintained – from start to finish.


In recent months, we have refined our nursery to be a top of the line and unique space that is equipped to produce high quality flower and use a variety of early-veg techniques. We are currently in the process of replacing all HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lights with metal-halide bulbs that will promote taller plants and yields when it comes time to harvest. The cloning section of our nursery is also seeing upgrades in new LEDs as well as an “easy-cloner”. Each of these additions will be complimented by our new 2-gallon RioCoco bags, which help reduce the amount of shock these plants go through in early vegetation and create a smoother transition into flowering.


Beyond cultivation, we want to provide the Central Valley with a true Californian cannabis experience that goes above and beyond cultivating premium indoor flower in the City of Woodlake. In addition to our cultivation, 7 Points operates as a non-store storefront mobile dispensary service. Carrying over 1,000 products from California’s top cannabis brands, our delivery service brings premier cannabis goods straight to the door of our customers. Serving an area of 70 miles from Bakersfield to Fresno, we have expanded our footprint beyond cultivation and have created an all-encompassing cannabis experience for Central Valley residents. So far, we have partnered with top brands like STIIIZY, Cookies, Raw Garden, Papa & Barkley, 710 Labs, Pacific Stone, CBX and many more.


7 Points has been an integral part of the local community since first coming to life in 2018. With cannabis taxes paid to the city through Measure R, we have helped the City of Woodlake complete a number of projects including building new parks, funding for police vehicles

and expanding the Woodlake Parks and Recreation Program as a whole. Additionally, we strive to hire and seek out local talent to help grow and support 7 Points as well as the community that hosts us.

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