Fresh Harvest, Inc. is hiring 40 temporary positions in Exeter, CA for Citrus Worker, Fork Lift Driver, Tree Pruner, Cal Van Driver and General Laborers. From 11/01/2018 to 03/30/19 at AEWR $13.18/ hr, bonus may apply, 35 hrs/ week. ¾ guarantee of total hours. Tools, supplies, & equipment provided at no cost to worker. Housing available at no cost to workers who cannot reasonably return to their permanent residence at the end of each working day. Transportation & subsistence expenses to the worksite will be reimbursed by the employer upon completion of 50% of work contract, or earlier, if appropriate based on CA Law & FLSA.

Applicants may apply at nearest SWA Office in CA or apply with the employer; walk in applicants may apply at 101 East Main Street, Heber, CA, 92249 or call 760-352-2512. Interviews will be at little or no cost to workers. For more information contact local SWA: 1816 Cecil Ave. Delano, CA 93215; 661-721-5800 reference Job # 16191513.

Skills and Experiences

For more information see above.

Contact: See above None 661-721-5800